Pool Guidelines & Reservations

Below is information on this year's pool season! 

To get started, please follow these steps: 

Step 1: Review the 2020 Pool Rules & Restrictions

Please take a moment to read through the 2021 Pool Rules & Restrictions.

Step 2: Register Your Household

We ask that all Forest Park residents complete the 2021 Pool Access & Registration form. This is necessary to maintain security and access to the neighborhood pool by Forest Park residents only (children included). Homeowners with long-term renters are required to complete the 2021 Pool Registration for Long Term Renters in order to allow lessees to access the pool. In this case, the homeowner relinquishes these rights to a lessee for a defined period of time.

Step 3: Sign Necessary Waivers

Waivers and registration are required for morning lap swim, unaccompanied underage swimmers, and childcare provider access.

Step 4: Review Pool Hours

Pool is open from 11am - 8pm this season. 

Lap Swimming Sun up to 7am (Monday - Friday)

and Sun up to pool opening (Saturday and Sunday)

Step 5: Be Prepared!

When preparing for your trip to the pool, remember these unique rules.  

  • Bring a photo ID to check-in. Lifeguards must be able to confirm who you are against the list of Forest Park residents and those who have completed the registration form. 

  • Guests are allowed.  Member families are extended the privilege of hosting up to 20 guests over the duration of the pool season. Each member family can request and be issued a guest voucher card that will be decremented at check-in time by the lifeguard when bringing guests. Member families may purchase additional guest vouchers in the same quantity of 20. The pricing for guest pass voucher cards will be $0 for the first, $25 for the second and $50 for any additional cards.

  • Children under 11 need adult supervision; Children 11 and over need a waiver to visit the pool alone. All children under 11 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. Children age 11-17 who plan on swimming at the pool unaccompanied must have an adult check them in at the pool, or have a photo ID (like a driver's license), and have a parent complete the Underage Unaccompanied Swimmer waiver in advance.

  • Childcare providers allowed with restrictions. Pool rules allow for childcare providers to access the pool with the children in their care, and a valid Childcare Provider Access Card. Please review the 2021 Pool Rules and Restrictions and the Childcare Provider Registration Form for details and rules. 

  • No keycard required, except for morning lap swimming. Keycards will not be used this year, as all entrance to the pool will be monitored through the check-in process with a lifeguard. Morning lap swimmers still need to use a keycard for entrance.  

  • Review all rules! Review the full list of rules and regulations in the 2021 Pool Rules & Restrictions.

Weekday Swimming Reservations
No longer required!
First-come, first-serve basis
Weekend Swimming Reservations
No longer required!
First-come, first-serve basis