Pool Opening and Important Info

Hello Forest Park! Summer is upon us and the pool opens TODAY!

Here comes the information overload:

1) Pool hours are listed on our website here, along with Swim Team dates and events: https://www.forestparkcentennial.com/swim-and-tennis

2) By popular demand, late nights in July are back; Thursdays and Saturdays until 10:00pm

3) Interested in early morning lap swimming? Fill out the Lap Swim Waiver Form, email it back to jafix@comcast.net, and we will get your access updated.

4) Lost or missing key cards? Please notify Sherry Serna (sherryserna@gmail.com) and she can de-activate your old one and issue you a new one.

5) Speaking of key cards and pool access...key cards have not turned out to be the panacea that we had hoped for to control pool access. This year we will have a sign-in sheet as well - takes less than two minutes, and helps the lifeguards get to know the neighborhood. Remember, don't loan your key card out to others, keep guests to 10 or less unless you have a scheduled party, and no guests are allowed at the pool without the sponsoring homeowner present.

6) Speaking of parties - schedule yours here: https://www.forestparkcentennial.com/swim-and-tennis (scroll to the bottom). No fees other than paying for the extra lifeguard staff.

7) We have had a huge influx of young kids and families over the past couple of years. Last year we upgraded to new LED pool lights to improve nighttime water visibility, and we want to continue to keep the pool a safe and family friendly environment. Please no large floaties or rafts. It is at lifeguard discretion what constitutes what may be too large or dangerous. Please be mindful of your language and behavior.

8) The Forest Park Blue Fins Swim Team was kind enough to extend an invite to our lifeguards to attend the Drennen's Dreams Water Safety Seminar. Check it out here: http://drennensdreams.org/ This conflicts with the regular swim practice time on May 29th. For that day only, we are going to close the pool from 3:00PM to 5:30PM for swim practice makeup.

9) NO GLASS CONTAINERS! Broken glass in the pool requires the entire pool to be drained, cleaned, re-filled. You do not want to be the person responsible for taking away an entire week of summer fun for the neighborhood.

10) This email only hits the high points for the pool - unleash your inner lawyer and review the full pool rules here: Forest Park Pool Rules

Questions? Contact Jeremy Fix at jafix@comcast.net, or the Forest Park Board at fphra80122@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you all at the pool this summer!

Forest Park HRA Board fphra80122@gmail.com

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