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Save the Dates and Pool Updates

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Save the dates! Here are a few upcoming Forest Park Events for this fall. Even during this crazy year, we hope to still have some social-distancing fun to ring in the fall.

Please also see some Pool Updates below. Thank you!

Puppy Plunge

Saturday, September 12 (morning)

Dogs' turn to swim! Watch for an email to sign up for this fun tradition, just for dogs. Small dogs get to swim first, then we'll welcome in the big(ger) dogs. Same pool social distancing rules will apply, with a limit of 50 people.

Food Truck Night

Saturday, September 19 (evening)

In lieu of an Oktoberfest this year, we'll be having a few food trucks lined up at the pool parking lot. We encourage everyone to enjoy the evening, but please be responsible with social distancing and/or masks. More details to come!

Pool Updates and Thank You!

We know that this pool season has been quite different, and we appreciate everyone's willingness to adapt to our procedures this year! Also, make sure to pass along your thanks to our lifeguards if you see them... they did a great job at maintaining the new rules and making sure everything was clean and sanitized for our residents.

Some neighbors have asked about extended swim days this season. Unfortunately even though the pool was opened later than expected this summer, we did have to staff with 3 lifeguards during the first part of the summer in order to make sure we adhered to rules and regulations put forth by the state and Tri-County Health Department. In a nutshell, we don't have the budget to keep the pool open later with the cost of lifeguards and maintenance.

Some neighbors also asked about keeping the pool open during daytime hours, without lifeguard staff. We completely understand the desire for this and are anticipating having a larger discussion about this at the Annual Meeting to look into options for future summers. However, right now we are unable to do so due to our current insurance coverage and current pool contract. Under our current insurance policy covering the pool, we cannot operate the pool without certified staffing (maintenance, operations, lifeguards, etc). Additionally, we currently operate under the Certified Pool Operator license that Perfect Pools provides. Under those provisions, we can’t open the pool without staffing, except under narrowly defined situations (like lap swimming or training).

Thanks again for your understanding during this challenging and unique summer.

Forest Park HRA Board

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