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Neighborhood Fall Clean Up Today and Tomorrow

Saturday 9/16 and Sunday 9/17

FPHRA Neighborhood Fall Clean Up is Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17. Assignments will be given out at the pool each of these mornings starting at 9am, along with a donut and cup of coffee! Please consider bringing trash bags, zip ties, rakes, ladders, gloves and anything else that would be helpful in cleaning up the pool, tennis courts and common areas.

Dumpsters will be located in the pool parking lot to facilitate the cleanup. After all of the clippings, branches and other rubbish from the pool area, tennis court and other common areas have been put in the dumpster, if there is room, Forest Park residents are welcome to put limited amounts of household trash and yard waste in the dumpster. Please don’t put anything in the dumpster until the pool cleanup has been completed on Sunday afternoon. Click here for guidelines on dumpster usage.



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