Cleanup Weekend Sign-Up List

It's time for the Spring Cleanup Weekend (May 19-20)! Please sign up for a job here:

Forest Park Spring Cleanup Weekend Sign-up

Thank you for participating in Spring Cleanup Weekend, and keeping our neighborhood looking beautiful and ready for the summer!

Please bring your own tools for the job. Other materials will be provided when appropriate.

When: May 19-20 (Sat-Sun). Cleanup times are mostly flexible, except where indicated. For cleanup at the neighborhood entrances, you may complete your job on your own time, before the end of Sunday, May 20. Please note the pool/tennis cleanup time is limited to Saturday, May 19 from 8:00am-Noon.

Where: Cleanup jobs are needed at the neighborhood entrances (one on Jamison near University, and two off of Dry Creek), as well as at the pool/tennis facility.

Dumpsters: Dumpsters will be placed at the pool. Please refrain from using the dumpsters for your personal trash until Sunday afternoon. The dumpsters will be removed on Monday evening.

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact us:

General Cleanup Questions: Leslie Hakze, Pool/Tennis Cleanup: Jeremy Fix,

See you then! Forest Park HRA Board

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