Turkey Trot 5k (Nov. 22)

Hello, neighbors!

Please join us for our annual neighborhood Turkey Trot 5k!

Please see info below, and let Amy and Paul Stivers (paul_amy50@hotmail.com) know if you have any questions!

When: Thursday, November 22, 9:00am start.

Where: Start at Forest Park Pool

Annual Forest Park Turkey Trot: Unofficial 5K (not a sponsored Forest Park event) The long-range forecast shows that Thanksgiving day will be 49 degrees and partly sunny with days in the 50's leading up to it. I am using the same unofficial 5K route we ran last year which includes a mix of roads, paved trail, and green belt trail. This route will require runners to run/walk over a water hazard (a.k.a. the creek) in the green belt, so please cross with caution.

Race Route Description

(will be marked with chalk on roadways and posted signs/arrows).

  • Runners will start even with the pool sidewalk entrance, heading north on Fillmore Way.

  • Turn left on E. Dry Creek Place.

  • Turn left on S. Detroit St. and head south running on the east side of the street.

  • At the 4-way stop, cross safely ⚠ to the west side of Detroit and cross Jamison Ave.

  • Continue south on Detroit and turn right into the green belt open space and head west on the footpath trail. This is before you get to Clayton Way.

  • From the footpath, at Elizabeth Way enter the cul-de-sac running north onto Elizabeth Way.

  • Turn left on Jamison Ave. running on the sidewalk.

  • Turn left onto the crushed gravel green belt trail and head south.

  • Enter footpath trail from crushed gravel trail and continue heading south, veering on the path to the left to cross over the creek. Slow to a walk and use caution ⚠.

  • Follow footpath trail up the hill to the open green space and continue running back towards Detroit.

  • At Detroit, turn right and run on the west side of the street/sidewalk to Otero Ave.

  • Cross safely ⚠ at the stop sign to run north on the sidewalk on the north side of Otero.

  • When the fence-line ends, you will turn left to enter the greenbelt trail heading towards Arapaho Park.

  • Follow the trail to enter the paved trail starting at the basketball/tennis courts.

  • Run to the right to go around the paved trail loop at Arapaho Park.

  • At Detroit, turn left to run on the sidewalk heading south on Detroit.

  • Cross safely ⚠at the cross-walk and stop sign to the other side of Detroit, just past the Polo Run sign.

  • Head back north on the other side of Detroit until you reach Clayton Way.

  • Turn left onto Clayton and follow around the curve back to S. Detroit.

  • Turn left and head north running on the west side of Detroit.

  • Cross safely ⚠over Jamison Ave. at the 4-way stop to continue north on Detroit.

  • Turn left onto E. Jamison Place and head to the finish line at 2766! 🏃

There will be a walking route that is a little over 1.5 miles and will go around the park the opposite direction of the runners, so everyone can see each other, slap high fives, and cheer each other on.

  • Walking Route Description:Walkers will start with runners at the pool sidewalk entrance, heading north on Fillmore Way.

  • Turn left on E. Dry Creek Place.

  • Turn left on S. Detroit St. and head south walking on the east side of the street.

  • Walkers stay on this side of the street to enter the paved loop at Arapaho Park.

  • Follow the loop all the way around and turn right onto E. Long Cir N

  • Turn right onto S. Detroit St. and walk north

  • Cross safely ⚠ at Jamison Ave. 4-way stop to walk on west side of Detroit continuing north

  • Turn left onto E. Jamison Place to race finish at 2766!

Walkers are welcome to walk the entire 5K course, as well, but this gives a shorter option so everyone can finish somewhat together.

The race ends at the Stivers house at 2766 E. Jamison Place. We will provide a Bloody Mary bar, coffee, and water at the finish.

We will send out a SignupGenius to allow others to bring goodies, as well. If you would like to drop off your donated goodies ahead of time, you can text Amy at (720) 937-8347 to arrange a drop-off time the day before or in the morning. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Amy and Paul Stivers at paul_amy50@hotmail.com. Don't forget to sign-up to volunteer and/or to participate! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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