Cleanup Weekend & Pool Update

Hello, neighbors!

We hope you are all staying well and healthy. We unfortunately don't have any updates on the pool opening, except for that the state and county tell us that no "public" or neighborhood pools may open during safer-at-home orders. However, we do still need to take care of some spring cleaning throughout the rest of the neighborhood public areas!

We have targeted next weekend (May 23-25) as our neighborhood Spring Cleanup Weekend. We'll work on cleaning up all public areas of Forest Park, except for the pool. (When we know we can open the pool again we'll host a separate pool cleanup weekend).

What: Spring Cleanup Weekend

When: May 23-25 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Where: Forest Park entrances, Dry Creek landscaping between Detroit and Fillmore, and any other common areas (except for the pool)

Bonus! We've ordered two dumpsters for neighborhood use which will be placed at the pool parking lot from May 22 to June 1.

Forest Park Cleanup Weekend SIGN UP:

So please join us in sprucing up our main entrances and common areas! Sign up for a job at the link above, and please remember to practice safe distancing when working on jobs.

Thank you!

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