Clarification on Pool Rules: No Guests Allowed

Dear neighbors,

We need to clarify and reiterate the current pool rules, which do not allow guests of any kind at this time. Only permanent residents of each member household may use the pool. No exceptions.

Due to the health and safety of our neighborhood and the state requirement to limit our capacity to 50 people at one time, our only option right now is to limit pool access to members only. Thank you for understanding the situation we are currently in- we must be able to provide contact tracing, and the only way we can accomplish that is by limiting access. The pool is a privilege for the people who live in this neighborhood, and our priority is to provide our members with opportunities to swim. Please also note that even under normal rules, no guests were ever allowed without adult members present. As such, we do not allow any non-resident babysitters, nannies, or other caregivers to attend the pool instead of a member adult; disregard for these rules will result in loss of pool access. Continued abuse of the rules, bending the rules, and badgering of the lifeguards will not be tolerated and is grounds for pool access to be removed for the remainder of the season. This behavior will cause us to lose the ability to offer the pool to anyone, and absolutely cannot continue.

Remember these key requirements for using the pool:

1) Member households MUST register and list all permanent household members on the Pool Access & Registration form (please only register once for the season). Any person listed in addition to immediate family members will be required to provide proof of residence at the Forest Park address.

2) Pool use is by reservation only. Only Forest Park members may reserve a time block, and no additional guests are allowed. Reservations will be checked against the Pool Access & Registration list and against the full list of Forest Park members.

3) ID is required for entry. Each adult entering the pool is required to show a photo ID with proof of their Forest Park address. If an adult is unable to prove residence in Forest Park, no entrance will be allowed.

Thank you for adhering to the rules this swim season. We understand the frustration of such limitations, but if we are to keep the pool open right now we must have strict enforcement of these rules to follow state health rules and to make sure that all our residents can use the facility. We are continuing to monitor guidelines and volume at the pool, and may adjust rules if needed as the summer continues. For right now, please follow these rules and know that there will be strict enforcement.

Thank you, and let us know if you have any questions.

Forest Park HRA Board


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