New Childcare Provider Rule

Hello, Forest Park neighbors!

An amendment to the Forest Park pool rules has been made for the 2020 swim season and moving forward, in regards to non-resident childcare provider access to the pool. This is a change to previous pool rules which did not allow non-resident childcare providers (babysitters, nannies, etc) to access the pool without adult homeowners. (Please note that this does not apply to childcare providers who are residents of Forest Park and care for children who are non-residents).

Effective Monday, June 29, one childcare provider (age 16+) is allowed to access the pool with the homeowner's children whom they are responsible for, without the adult homeowners present. To ensure access, the Childcare Provider Registration Form must be completed, and the childcare provider will receive a laminated Childcare Provider Access Card, which must be presented to a lifeguard in order to access the pool.

To review pool rules and to register a non-resident childcare provider, please visit our Pool Rules & Reservations Page

Specific rules for childcare providers are as follows:

  • Homeowners must first register their household for pool access (see the Pool Access & Registration Form at

  • Families may register one childcare provider (age 16+) to have access to the pool for the summer with the homeowner's children, and without the adult homeowners present (see the Childcare Provider Registration Form)

  • There is a $25 fee for a single childcare provider for the entire summer. An electronic bill will be sent to the homeowner email provided.

  • The childcare provider will be provided a laminated Childcare Provider Access Card which must be presented along with a valid drivers' license or photo ID in order to enter the pool. (The card will be available for pickup at the pool within 3 days after payment is made).

  • Any changes in childcare provider during the summer will require an additional $25 fee, and an additional laminated Childcare Provider Access Card. The original card must be surrendered before a new one is made for the new childcare provider.

  • Lost Childcare Provider Access Cards will result in a $25 fee for a replacement.

  • The childcare provider agrees to abide by all Forest Park pool rules. Any pool rules broken by the childcare provider may result in loss of pool access for both the homeowner and childcare provider.

If you have any questions, please let us know at Thank you!

Forest Park HRA Board


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