Forest Park 5k Turkey Trot (Nov. 23)

Burn off some calories before loading up on turkey! Join us for the Annual Forest Park 5k Turkey Trot, taking place Thanksgiving morning.

We started this back in 2013, but took a year off last year, so this will be our 3rd year. The race will be held the morning of Thanksgiving at 9:00am right here in our neighborhood! The unofficial 5K route will be mapped out closer to race day depending on whether we have snow on the ground. We have had a walking route in the past, which is a little shorter so runners and walkers can all finish around the same time for a neighborly finish-line gathering.

The race ends at the Stivers house (2766 E. Jamison Place).

If you don't want to run or walk, but would like to help out, please volunteer or bring goodies to the finish line. Sign up here to volunteer!

We hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 23

Start Time: 9:00am

Start Location: Forest Park Pool

End Location and Post-Race Activities: The Stivers house at 2766 E. Jamison Place. We will provide a Bloody Mary bar and coffee and water at the finish. I know some others have signed up to bring goodies, as well. If you would like to drop off your donated goodies ahead of time, you can text Amy at (720) 937-8347 to arrange a drop-off time the day before or in the morning.

Questions? Please contact Amy Stivers at


Unofficial 5K Route:

It looks like we will have gorgeous weather all week next week, including Thanksgiving. So, I have mapped out our 5K route to include some of the new green belt trails and the green belt footpath trail. This will require runners to run over a water hazard (a.k.a. the creek) in the green belt, so please cross with caution.

Race Route Description (will be marked with chalk on roadways and posted signs/arrows):

  • Runners will start even with the pool sidewalk entrance, heading north on Fillmore Way.

  • Turn left on E. Dry Creek Place.

  • Turn left on S. Detroit St. and head south running on the east side of the street.

  • At the 4-way stop, cross safely ⚠ to the west side of Detroit and cross Jamison Ave.

  • Continue south on Detroit and turn right into the green belt open space and head west on the footpath trail. This is before you get to Clayton Way.

  • From the footpath, at Elizabeth Way enter the cul-de-sac running north onto Elizabeth Way.

  • Turn left on Jamison Ave. running on the sidewalk.

  • Turn left onto the crushed gravel green belt trail and head south.

  • Enter footpath trail and continue heading south, veering on the path to the left to cross over the creek. Slow to a walk and use caution ⚠.

  • Follow footpath up the hill to the open green space and continue running back towards Detroit.

  • At Detroit, turn right and run on the west side of the street/sidewalk to Otero Ave.

  • Cross safely ⚠ at the stop sign to run north on the sidewalk on the north side of Otero.

  • When the fence-line ends, you will turn left to enter the new greenbelt trail heading towards Arapaho Park.

  • Follow the trail to enter the paved trail starting at the basketball/tennis courts.

  • Run to the right to go around the paved trail loop at Arapaho Park.

  • At Detroit, turn left to run on the sidewalk heading south.

  • Cross safely ⚠at the cross-walk and stop sign just past the Polo Run sign.

  • Head back north on the other side of Detroit until you reach Clayton Way.

  • Turn left onto Clayton and follow around the curve back to S. Detroit.

  • Turn left and head north running on the west side of Detroit.

  • Cross safely ⚠over Jamison Ave. at the 4-way stop and continue north on Detroit.

  • Turn left onto E. Jamison Place and head to the finish line at 2766!

There will be a walking route that is a little over 1.5 miles and will go around the park the opposite direction of the runners, so everyone can see each other, slap high fives, and cheer each other on.

Walking Route Description (1.5 miles):

  • Walkers will start with runners at the pool sidewalk entrance, heading north on Fillmore Way.

  • Turn left on E. Dry Creek Place.

  • Turn left on S. Detroit St. and head south walking on the east side of the street.

  • Walkers stay on this side of the street to enter the paved loop at Arapaho Park.

  • Follow the loop all the way around and turn right onto E. Long Cir N

  • Turn right onto S. Detroit St. and walk north

  • Cross safely ⚠ at Jamison Ave. 4-way stop to walk on west side of Detroit continuing north

  • Turn left onto E. Jamison Place to race finish at 2766!

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